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The engines available

Genoastirling S.r.l. is preparing a complete line of Stirling external combustion engines with output power ranging from 1 Kw and 10 Kw. The following experimental models are already available:
GENOA01 Single cylinder 1,00 Kw el 16.000,00 € 40 days pdf
GENOA03 Two cylinder 3,00 Kw el 20.000,00 € 40 days pdf bicilinder 3kw
Combustion chamber Support for engine + Combustion chamber 3.000,00 € 40 days pdf Motore stirling bicilindro 3kw
Cooling system Cooling system and radiator 1.350,00 € 40 days pdf Motore stirling bicilindro 3kw
Sensor Pressure sensor 350,00 € 40 days --
Unit controll Unit controll + 4 thermocouples 1.300,00 € 40 days pdf Motore stirling bicilindro 3kw
Burners Set Burners Set GLP 800,00 € 40 days pdf Motore stirling bicilindro 3kw
Delivery times are understood as being from order confirmation.
Prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping but complete with electrical permanent magnet generator.
Packaging: cardboard + bed with polyurethane foam padding (included in the price).
Payment terms: 30% upon order, 70% upon delivery.

* The prices shown are to be understood as being for the express production of one engine. For multiple orders or special projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Motore stirling bicilindro